Massachusetts is expanding its number of locations of a popular chicken franchise that is quickly sprouting up some new locations across the Bay State. 

Over the past year, some brand new locations for this eatery quickly opened up in Massachusetts and now there is one more location that will open for this popular chain that has a very distinctive menu which is tailored toward chicken. The eighth Massachusetts location for Dave's Hot Chicken is opening this week. Judging from their socials, this chicken joint is a spot that is well worth the road trip, no matter where the new location is.

Dave's Hot Chicken is bringing a new location that will open up on Friday (February 2nd) in Boston at the address of 123 Stuart Street. The new location's hours of operation will be from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. from Sunday thru Thursday, and open longer, until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

In case you're not familiar with Dave's Hot Chicken, they are known for a Nashville-style hot chicken and you can check out their full menu at the link provided here. The popular food publication, 'Eat This Not That' gave them the number two ranking of the 8 Fast Food Chains That Serve the Best Hot Chicken. Here's what 'Eat This Not That' had to say about the hot chicken franchise:

This chain is growing big time, with sales up over 250% during 2021, according to Technomic's Top 500 chain restaurant data. With over 700 locations in development, Dave's shows no signs of slowing down on its mission to bring hot chicken to every corner of the United States. Its simple yet effective menu features chicken tenders and sliders, each with an assortment of options that bring the heat. You can always opt for no heat, but where is the fun in that? Other sauces range from Lite Mild to Reaper.

The franchise has already opened more than a few Massachusetts locations this past year, and their locations that are already open reside in Framingham, Woburn, Boston (District Avenue), Newton, Saugus, Braintree, and Chelmsford.

Dave's Hot Chicken was happy to open up a few Bay State locations this past Fall:

If Dave's Hot Chicken is as good as it looks, then perhaps Massachusetts residents may be coming from all over the state to their locations. That is, unless one of their locations comes to another city or town in the Bay State first. Like, could we maybe get a Dave's Hot Chicken on the western side of the state? Just an idea...

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