The only thing scarier than an immortal demon clown who feeds on your fears is trying to keep track of where your favorite horror movies are on streaming. It’s so hard! There’s just too many titles, and too many places to find streaming films these days. There are big streamers like Netflix and HBO Max, specialty sites like The Criterion Channel or Shudder (which, as an all-horror streaming service, is particularly valuable at this time of year), and even ad-supported hubs like Tubi or Pluto TV.

Then there’s the additional consideration of titles jumping from one streaming service to another. If something is made by a Netflix or a Prime Video, you can feel pretty confident it will remain there in perpetuity. But for most classic horror favorites, they are usually licensed by a separate distributor. And the deals to stream those types of films can be as short as a couple of months — at which point a movie is free to jump to another streaming service.

So this list was written and intended for use around Halloween 2022. If you’re reading it after that, it could be out of date. But this Halloween season, if you’re looking to watch one of the most popular horror films in history, here is where you will find 20 of the biggest titles. Happy (or technically scary) viewing!

The Most Popular Horror Movies and Where to Stream Them

If you’re looking for a classic to stream this Halloween, here’s where to find them:
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