You can never have too many sandwich joints! One of the most popular sandwich franchises throughout the U.S. has opened up a new spot in Massachusetts during this past week.

The sandwich franchise took to its social media to announce the new store opening in the Bay State, as it opened up locations in several other states as well. Massachusetts is getting a new Jersey Mike's.

As you can see in the post, the new Jersey Mike's is making its way to Worcester at 187 Madison Street.

In case you're unfamiliar with Jersey Mike's, and if you're in western Massachusetts, you just might be, since there aren't any locations on the west side of the Bay State, but the sandwich franchise has a massive selection of hot and cold subs. Every sandwich is made right in front of you with the freshest of meats and the bread is amazing!

There's also a good chance you have seen some of their ads with actor Danny DeVito as their celebrity spokesperson. No, that's not a scene from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', it's a Jersey Mike's ad.

Nothing sells good sandwiches quite like Frank from 'It's Always Sunny' giving his full endorsement.

While the new Jersey Mike's location has made its way to Worcester, perhaps we need to start lobbying to get some locations from the sandwich joint out here on the western side of the state. We get could definitely use one of their shops out here in the Berkshires. How about it, Jersey Mike's?

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