With Halloween just around the corner, it is that time of year when things start to feel just a little more spooky and creepy no matter where you are. Here's one more thing that has that same type of feeling. There were once UFO sightings in the Berkshires and 'Unsolved Mysteries' did a feature on our region.

In recent years, Netflix has rebooted the show, 'Unsolved Mysteries'. No, it doesn't have the late, great Robert Stack hosting, or any host for that matter. But it still delivers some great content with stories no one has solved. Originally, when I watched this, I wasn't living here in the Berkshires, I was across the country, not even thinking I would ever remotely end up in this region. And now, here I am, looking back at this crazy story that appeared on 'Unsolved Mysteries' that was actually one of my favorite stories from one of their episodes.

Perhaps you're already remembering the story. If you don't, check out the 4-part story in the Twitter videos below:

The four part video gives haunting accounts of what took place on September 1st, 1969 near Great Barrington. The craziest part about the story is the numerous accounts of what happened. Most were eerily similar. Thomas Reed, who was one of those that gave an account of what had happened, later took a polygraph test. The test came back showing that he was being 99.1 percent truthful.

The accounts talking about the time they lost during the ordeal, and how they have no memory of that time that was lost is absolutely incredible. The unknown may be even more scary then what we do know about the story. It's just one more thing that may creep you out this time of year in the Berkshires!

Speaking of 'Unsolved Mysteries', they will kick off Season 3 of Netflix's show on October 18th.

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