Being a movie lover means loving movies from all genres whether it's film noir, war, sci-fi, action, horror, drama, documentary, musical, martial arts, or comedy. Domestic or foreign, Technicolor or black and white, doesn't matter. Growing up with a father in the military, moving around several times to several states, Mom and I would spend lots of time watching classic movies. Movies that SHE grew up watching. And I'm glad that Mom instilled in me a love for the classics, primarily the John Wayne westerns and the classic screwball comedies. Howard Hawks, Marx Brothers, Abbott & Costello(NO Three Stooges, though--Mom was not a fan), and, of course, Laurel & Hardy. Those movies still make me laugh to this day. We're talking comedy CLASSICS: 'The Flying Deuces'; 'Another Fine Mess'; 'The Music Box'; 'Sons of the Desert'; 'Saps at Sea'; 'Big Business'; 'Babes In Toyland'; the list goes on.

Oliver Hardy(the chubby one), passed away on this date 61 years ago due to complications resulting from a blood clot in the brain. He was only 65 years old. His partner, Stan Laurel, outlived him for only eight years, dying in 1965. As a matter of fact, Stan was too ill to attend Oliver's funeral. Both men were heavy smokers and this ultimately led to the health complications for both of them. However, Stan finally gave up smoking in 1960. But, according to people who knew Stan, he never quite recovered from Ollie's death and refused to perform in movies or on stage without his beloved partner. I know what he means.

It was tough at times on my sisters and I growing up. Moving from place to place, one naval base to another, meeting new friends at school, and then saying goodbye to them almost as quickly. Don't get me wrong. It had it's positives, too. I'm glad that I got to live in as many beautiful places across this great country as I did. But it was always a good feeling to know that I as I was trying to make new friends, I had some old friends like Laurel & Hardy on some TV station somewhere who would keep me company and make me laugh. Thanks Stan & Ollie.

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