Every year, the week that includes August 16 is known as 'Elvis Week'. Thousands of fans from all over the world flock to Graceland in Memphis to honor the life and career of 'The King of Rock & Roll' who ended his reign 41 years ago on this date in 1977.

Now, whether or not you were a fan of the rock & roll pioneer, you can't deny that the man was a SUPERSTAR. We're talking upper level of the stratosphere here. A peak of universal recognition that only a certain select few have achieved. Right up there with the Beatles, the Stones, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and a few others. Elvis may have surpassed them all. I'll never forget hearing my 7 year old(at the time) niece, Emma, listening to Elvis and loving him. You could go to some distant, remote spot in some far-off country and you'll find somebody who knows about Elvis and who could probably come up with a song or two from the legend.

The music of Elvis has crossed many time-zones, generation gaps, racial barriers, you name it. The main reason for his appeal? I like to think that it was his VOICE. Elvis was not, by his own admission, a song WRITER. He was a song SINGER. He interpreted other people's words better than almost anyone. He just had a knack for it. That's why he had so many hits in so many different genres of music.

Think about it. How many other recording artists can you name that had hits in different genres? Elvis had hits on the Pop chart. He also had hits on the Rhythm & Blues chart. The Rock chart. Country chart? You betcha. Gospel chart? Absolutely! It seems it didn't matter when it came to the style of music because through it all was his VOICE. And that is perhaps the main reason why Graceland has approximately 500,000 visitors every year. And the King's legions of fans continue to grow 41 years after his passing. You'll always be missed, E.

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