One great thing that I've discovered since being in The Berkshires is the selection of brews out at a few local establishments. As someone originally from the Midwest, I'm new to several of the brews served throughout New England. And from all of them, there is one in particular that seemed like it would be a perfect brew to be 'The Official Beer of WHOOPEE FM'.

What could this beer be, that is a perfect fit for 100.1 and 103.3 WHOOPEE (WUPE) FM? And how is it perfect for the Classic Hits station based out of Pittsfield?

This beer has it right in its name. It's the Whoopie Pie Stout.


As one of my first weekends in The Berkshires since moving here, I happened to be in Pittsfield's Thistle & Mirth over the weekend. While they have a fantastic selection of brews that I took a liking to. I have to say the one beer that caught my eye with its name is the Whoopie Pie Stout. Sure, it has a one-letter difference from our station name, WHOOPEE, but how often do you find a coincidence like that?

The Whoopie Pie Stout is made by SoMe Brewing Company out of York, ME. And it's even available to order to the SoMe Brewing Company website. The beer has an ABV of 6% and is known as a Sweet Milk Stout. It's Milk Stout aged with notes of Cocoa Nibs with hints of lactose as well. It taste pretty much like you're eating a Whoopie Pie.

There's also different flavors of the Whoopie Pie Stout from SoMe Brewing Company. The have Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie Stout and Raspberry Whoopie Pie Stout.

It's the type of beer you want to drink when you're just chillin', laid back while listening to some good tunes, like some Classic Hits that you might hear on WHOOPEE FM!

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