November is finally here and it seems like it came in a flash. Though many of us are looking forward to sitting down with loved ones for the annual Thanksgiving feast, November in Massachusetts also means we could and are seeing some snow. It could be light or heavy but one thing is for sure, ruling out a snowstorm altogether in November would be silly. As it is Accuweather has stated that Massachusetts and parts of New England could see nor'easters prior to the winter season this year.

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Another thing that comes along with November is that Massachusetts residents can legally get studded snow tires installed on their vehicles. If you do a lot of commuting in the winter months and/or live in high-elevation areas (the Massachusetts towns of Peru, Windsor, and Florida for example) or just want to be extra safe on the road in general it would be a good idea to get studded snow tires installed on your car, truck etc. Even bigger cities like Boston and Springfield get their share of snow on the main roads and highways. With the added security, you'll be good to drive on the roads during the winter months.

Are Studded Snow Tires Required By Law in Massachusetts?

Keep in mind, that you are not required by law to have studs on your tires during the winter months as using all-season tires is fine but as mentioned previously if you are someone who travels through rough terrain, hills, and mountains or drives during treacherous winter conditions, you may want to consider adding studded snow tires to your vehicle.

What is the Legal Time Frame to Drive on Studded Snow Tires in Massachusetts? 

It is legal to drive on studded snow tires in Massachusetts starting November 1 through the end of April the following year.

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