If you're looking to do a road trip this summer well, first of all, the good news is gas prices seem to be going back down, at least here in Massachusetts, ok it only went down two cents but it's a start.  And second of all have a great time? See America or some of the states anyway.  There are some states you probably want to stay clear of.

The website WalletHub.com just ranked all 50 states from the best place to take a road trip this summer to the worst.

The rankings are based on 31 factors, including the quality of the roads, traffic, driving laws, national parks, other activities, and attractions, weather, shoreline and scenery and, yes, gas prices.

And the 10 best states for taking a road trip are, coming in at number one is Wyoming, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Washington, New York, Utah, and Colorado.

The 10 worst states for a road trip are, coming in dead last as the worst was Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico, Indiana, Kentucky, Alaska, Kansas, and Alabama.

We here in Massachusetts came in  at the middle at #25

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