How Long Will You Wait On Hold To Talk Customer Service?
I think all of us at one time or another have had to wait on hold waiting to talk to customer service for what seems to be an eternity, plus more companies are going the recorded answer call where they give you 50 different extensions. It can make you pull your hair out, or maybe not?
Shopping For The Best Gifts In The Berkshires
So Eric and i want to know from you, with all the great places here in the Berkshires of local shops with unique and awesome gifts, even with that help is there anyone in your family who always gives TERRIBLE Christmas presents?
Are These Christmas Movies or Not?
Eric and Myself were talking about this on the Whoopee in the Morning Show. And came to our own conclusion it is really up to you as a movie viewer what you think is a Christmas movie, but would love to know what you think.