Yikes! What the Heck Do You Do When Your Brakes Don’t Work?
There are certain things you take for granted in life. These are things you never have to think about that just happen. For example, the sun rises every day without you having to wonder if it will; the mail magically appears in your mailbox every day; your dog or cat comes running to see you when you walk in after being out all day...
Pittsfield Police Make An Arrest In Monday Night Shooting
Police in Pittsfield responded to two shootings in the city overnight Monday and arrested one suspect who seen shooting from the hood of a car. reports that 37-year-old Jesus Lugo, of Pittsfield, was taken into custody after police said he led them on foot chase.
Barker Road House Fire Causes 200 Thousand In Damages
A Major house fire tore through a house on Barker Road early Saturday morning. Fire Station Engines 1, 5, 6, Truck 2 and Car 2 responded for a reported building fire at 110 Barker Rd in Pittsfield, reported by the alarm company and a 2nd cell call from a passerby confirming active fire.

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