Hit Or Miss On Getting Your Covid Vaccine?
Many residents still chasing vaccine appointments, I can say is that some people are luckier than others to get their appointment, As of 6 p.m. Monday, new vaccine appointments were listed for the Berkshires, but demand for the appointments continues.
New Covid Cases Makes The Berkshires A Hot Spot
Daily new cases per 100k population
Daily new cases, also known as incidence, is the number of new COVID cases emerging each day in a location. This is measured by the number of positive test results, and it does not include individuals who are infected but asymptomatic or never get tested.
Unresolved Issues At Taconic And PHS Cause Remote Learning
On Wednesday, November 11, the Pittsfield Public Schools was informed that a backlog of cases released today showed 104 new Covid-19 cases in the City of Pittsfield. This backlog was due to a recording delay caused by a technical issue at one of the testing centers located in Pittsfield.

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