Motor Vehicle Stop In Adams Leads To Charges
Just after midnight on Valentine's day February 14, 2021, BCSC relayed a BOLO for a vehicle registered to a North Adams resident that had been involved in an incident in Plainfield, MA and was believed to be under the influence and headed northbound on Route 116 back to North Adams.
State Police Bust Traffickers in Western Mass
A Mass State Trooper with the help of back up bagged and tagged 3 perps following a traffic stop last week.  An alert Trooper keeping an eye on traffic on Route 91 in Greenfield ran a plate they believed was expired.  During the stop the operator’s license and registration …
North Adams Drug Dealers Beware
Through their Facebook page the North Adams Police are letting residents know that they are on the case cleaning up the streets and locking up the bad guys.  Today’s post gives an overview of the number of drugs they have been successful in seizing since July 1st...

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