Mass “Stay-At-Home Advisory” Extended to May 18th
Mass Governor Charlie Baker announced today he is extending the state’s stay-at-home advisory to May 18th.
The advisory closing all non-essential business prior to the extension was set to expire on May 4th.
In additional to non-essential businesses having to remain closed it also exte…
Mass Testing Up…Cases Expected to Peak in Two Weeks
Experts are warning that the worst is yet to come.  The latest models are predicting that Massachusetts could see up to 172,000 coronavirus cases when the surge hits the state between April 10th and the 20th.
As of yesterday, there were just over 12,500 Mass residents that tested positive. …
Survey: Who is America Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
Who is America Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
Interesting that in Massachusetts men want the Chiefs to win and woman are pulling for the 49ers.  Maybe the dimples of Jimmy G might have something to do with that.
The survey was done by HouseMethod...

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