Monday’s Federal Holiday Has Many Names
The name of Monday's federal holiday holiday is confusing as watching our political system at work today.  There are 14 different variations on the name states use to to honor the holiday.  Washington's Birthday...Presidents Day... Lincoln/Washington/Presidents Day to name a few.…
The Memorial Day Weekend Weather Outlook
The Memorial Day Weekend Weather Outlook
With the spring’s major holiday upon us, the weather this Memorial Day Weekend will accommodate outdoor activities as we honor those veterans that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
All week the weather in the Berkshires has been outstandi…
Hydrant Flushing Continues Monday in Pittsfield
Week 3 of hydrant flushing continues Monday the 18th in Pittsfield.  Water flushing is an important part of general maintenance of a municipality’s water distribution system.
The flushing ensures an adequate water flow is available to the fire department in case of fire, as well …

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