CDC Loosens Guidelines for Totally Vaccinated Americans
The CDC announced today that fully vaccinated Americans can gather with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing according to an article posted by the Associated Press.
The country’s new CDC Director Dr...
MGM Springfield gets the go ahead resume roulette
Good news for  roulette players in Massachusetts.  In a vote today by the Mass Gaming Commission, MGM Springfield can resume roulette at its casino.  According to a post at, the commission voted 5 to 0 to allow roulette to resume to resume...
Charlie Eases Restrictions on Restaurants
As the Fall weather is becoming more and more of an issue for long-term outdoor dining, yesterday Governor Baker announced the easing of some of the rule’s restaurants must abide by.
The number of diners at one table is increasing from 6 to 10...

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