Scam or Not A Scam? It’s Easier Just To Hang Up!
There are so many scams out there today and so many people trying to get money out of us over the phone, I really have no idea who I can trust and who I can’t trust anymore. It’s because of this that I have decided that I will never give money over the phone to a…
Covid-19 Scams Are On The Rise In Western Mass
Be very careful of phone calls you are answering, my take on answering my phone is if I don't recognize the phone number or name I won't answer it. COVID-19 scams continue to impact western Massachusetts. People with 413 area codes are receiving calls about available vaccine appointments.
The Most Common Robocall Scams of 2018
Have you been a victim of a robocall phone scam? The Better Business Bureau posted a list last week of the most common scams they see around the holidays. Now there's a new list about the five most common types of Robocall scams people fell for this year.