The Weekend Forecast for the Berkshires
It looks like a nice weekend in the Berkshires with sun and cooler temps.  A great weekend to continue to work in the garden, take a hike, get on your bike and ride, or maybe fire up the grill.  Whatever you do this weekend the weather is expected to cooperate with a very little chance of …
The Memorial Day Weekend Weather Outlook
The Memorial Day Weekend Weather Outlook
With the spring’s major holiday upon us, the weather this Memorial Day Weekend will accommodate outdoor activities as we honor those veterans that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
All week the weather in the Berkshires has been outstandi…
Snow Overnight Tonight in the Berkshires
Snow Overnight Tonight in the Berkshires
The weekend's forecast is expected to drop a coating to 1-inches of snow in some areas of the Berkshires overnight.  Although the most of the precipitation is expected to end early in the morning on Saturday, it will be windy and cold...
The Sun Returns to the Berkshires this Weekend
With isolation, social distancing, home schooling, paranoia and all the rain we’ve endured this week, all of it has certainly added to the doom and gloom mindset of many of us.
This weekend the clouds are expected to roll out and sun will greet us Saturday morning along with seasonal …
Home Injuries Spike on Super Bowl Sunday
The last thing you might think about when you are getting ready to watch the Superbowl with a house full of friends is getting injured, but a recent study shows that Super Bowl Sunday is actually one of the most dangerous days of the year.