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Girl Power! First Woman to Referee the Super Bowl!
Barriers continue to crumble that have kept women out of the boardroom, limited in political reach and off the field.  Last month Sarah Fuller was the first woman to play in a major college conference football game.  She went on to be the first woman to score in a in a major conference gam…
Survey: Who is America Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
Who is America Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
Interesting that in Massachusetts men want the Chiefs to win and woman are pulling for the 49ers.  Maybe the dimples of Jimmy G might have something to do with that.
The survey was done by HouseMethod...
Patriots Playoff Tickets Are Now On Sale
Tickets for Patriots playoff games are now on-sale!  The Pats are on a quest to win their 7th Super Bowl.
Although the Pats playoff picture is not yet clear, tickets went on sale this afternoon at noon.
Tickets are available for Patriot playoff games as well as twelve other teams through Ticketma…