Is there a “Best Time” to go to the Gas Station?
Did you ever notice that whenever you want to fill your car up with gas, so does everyone else? It seems that way anyway. There is a gas station right near my house. I can practically throw a rock and hit it from my front door. Well, that might be an exaggeration as if you've ever witnessed me …
Feeling Burned Out by the Pandemic? This Could Help
WOW, We're approaching the one-year mark when all of our lives changed due to the pandemic. Which in itself would make, I think anyone feels a little like burnt toast. If you've been feeling especially burned out lately, here are a few things that might help.
NBSU Students Back In the Classroom As Of Today
The four small schools in the North Berkshire School Union went back to the classroom as of today, even as some larger school districts are planning a remote learning quarantine for the first weeks of the new year.
Superintendent John Franzoni said,
"We haven't had any positive cases for anybody …

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