The North Adams Teacher Of the Year Is...
Everyone has had at one time that special teacher you thought was the best, for me, it is my sister Laura who has been a teacher for so many years and I can't forget my art teacher Mr. Magenta, a great name for an art teacher.
Feeling Burned Out by the Pandemic? This Could Help
WOW, We're approaching the one-year mark when all of our lives changed due to the pandemic. Which in itself would make, I think anyone feels a little like burnt toast. If you've been feeling especially burned out lately, here are a few things that might help.
New Years Eve Resolutions,So Last Year Check Out Micro Goals
Be Honest it takes a lot to follow through on a New Year's resolution, which is why so many of them fail. And yes I am one of them, I will set a goal and then get burned out by trying to take it to the limit, in other words, to much to fast, an epic way for me to fail! So here's one way t…