The Pittsfield Police Department is asking anyone that can identify the woman who has this tattoo just above her wrist on the back of her right hand.  She is alleged to be involved in a recent larceny.  If you know the possible identity of this woman you are urged to contact the Pittsfield Police Department.

Stealing is a crime and McGruff the Crime Dog is looking for your help in bringing this perp to justice.  It’s bad enough to violate someone’s property and to steal from them but it's just plain dumb not to wear gloves leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime while showing off your ink for security cams to see.  The picture of the suspect's hand was posted on the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook page.  The post from the Pittsfield Police Department is below.

Pittsfield Police Department

The Pittsfield Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identifying a woman who was involved in a recent larceny. The woman has a distinctive tattoo on the back of her right hand near the wrist. If this tattoo looks familiar to you, please send a private message to this account. Thank you.

womans tat

Over the years there have been countless criminals directly tied to crimes because of the tattoos visible to witnesses and security cameras.  Often it is facial tattoos that lead the good guys right to the bad guy...or girl.  Tatts are usually pretty cool but to quote McGruff the Crime Dog they can help in "taking a bite out of crime."

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