Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In Morning" can hear Kari, the new owner of K&M Bowling, on Thursday morning after 7 a.m. talk all about how they transformed the old Imperial Bowling (candlepin) into a new ten-pin (big ball) family fun center.


Growing up, my mother was super good at candlepin bowling and what a smooth delivery she had. She's 68 now and doesn't have a 103 average anymore, but whatever.

We would watch candlepin bowling every Saturday morning and I grew to love the sport. Candlepin (little ball), I realized, was not the big attraction I thought it was. Ten-pin (big ball) was more of the country's speed when it comes to bowling.

When I first moved to Pittsfield in the fall of 2010, Ken's Bowl was still open and super popular. Well, unfortunately, Ken's was forced to closed when COVID hit and then never reopened.

Ken's owner Jerry Gillette eventually sold to Berkshire Roots, the adjacent cannabis retailer, and the beloved bowling alley and bar was torn down in August of 2021. Fans of Ken's were certainly bummed to say the least.

Greylock Bowl and Golf in North Adams offers ten-pin bowling (reopening Aug. 5), as well as, Cove Bowling Lanes in Great Barrington, and North Adams (Valley Park Bowl).



There's never a bad time to enjoy a bowling match. That's why K&M Bowling is open seven days a week for family entertainment. Our Pittsfield, MA bowling alley, arcade and bar has something for every skill level. Whether you're starting off with lane bumpers or joining a league to show off your talent, you're sure to celebrate every pin you knock down.

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