The 7th Annual Motorama that was held in North Adams this weekend was a wonderful time for everyone. This is a free event every year for folks who want to come out and enjoy Motorama.
It was literally acres of everything motorized.

This year it was a two-day event Kicking things off was a Cruzin Concert with Whiskey Treaty Roadshow entertaining everyone Saturday evening. I was there Sunday and there were thousands of people there enjoying the day right along with me.

Sunday morning cars, motorcycles and anything that has an engine, filled Main Street and side streets and parking lots. We're talking acres and acres of wheeled machinery. Also, NESN was there filming for their show Cruizin New England with Paul Mennett.

Motorama was created to give all lovers of motorized vehicles from classic cars, tuner cars, fire trucks, race cars, snowmobiles, go-karts, etc a place to come together and show off their own goods. 2018 was the seventh year of the Motorama and much credit has to go to Joe & Debbie Dean who are folks who put this all together.

Not only was there everything Motorized but also food, raffles, music and lots of people all having a great time. To top it all off the money raised from the cars registering goes to local charities.