Happy first day of Fall, everyone! We all know how beautiful the Berkshires can be as soon as the Fall season hits. If you like to go hiking, you get to experience that much more of it from the scenery you'll experience. It just so happens two of Massachusetts' best Fall hikes are right here in the Berkshires. Can you guess where they are?

Mass Live recently picked out the best 10 trails in Massachusetts for a Fall hike. There's a good chance that you might be able to guess at least one of them that showed up in the Berkshires, as it seems to be one of the more well known spots throughout the Bay State. It also contains the highest point in the entire state. That's right, Mount Greylock is most definitely on that list of 'Best Fall Hikes in Massachusetts'.

Not only did Mass Live point out the fact that the summit of Mount Greylock is at 3,489 ft, but also how on a clear day, you can view out across approximately 90 miles worth of foliage beneath you. The best trails highlighted are Cheshire Harbor Trail and the Bellows Pipe Trail. Both run over six miles in length (6.2 and 6.5 miles respectively).

And besides, it is the Hogwarts of North America.

As for the other 'Best Hike for Fall in Massachusetts', where would you think that is in the Berkshires? We have more than a few other to choose from, but what did Mass Live choose?

As it turns out, if we head south from Mount Greylock to Lenox, we would stumble upon Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Here's what Mass Live had to say about the Lenox spot making their list:

For one last Audubon hike, visit Pleasant Valley in Lenox. Among its top draws: the view from Lenox Mountain of Mount Greylock. People forget that from the top of Mount Greylock, one cannot actually see the defining feature of the Berkshires — the mountain itself — set amidst the landscape. But Lenox Mountain can, from only 18 miles away.

There are three different trails in the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, varying from a mostly flat, half-hour walk to a three-mile trip to the summit that should take about two hours.

And there it is, the two spots in the Berkshires with the best fall hikes in Massachusetts. Of course, there were certainly more to be experienced and you can check out Mass Live's full list here.

It's going to be a long fall, Berkshires! Take advantage of as much of what's around you as you can!

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