When you go to your local store, pharmacy or drive through and get a receipt that's three miles long, it turns out they just handed you three miles of POISON. This is something that sounds strange but it's true.

According to a new study by an environmental nonprofit out of Michigan called The Ecology Center, store receipts could be making you sick. Really sick.

They tested a bunch of receipts at grocery stores, restaurants, and major retail chains, and they found that because of the thermal printers the stores use, 93% of their receipts tested positive for the chemicals BPA or BPS.

You can check out which stores have the BPA or BPS on their receipts by checking them out at The Ecology Center they have a whole list of stores, pharmacies and restaurants. You might find the list very surprising with the results they got.

Those chemicals have been linked to negative effects on your hormones and your metabolism . . . and they've even been linked to things like infertility and autism.

And, according to The Ecology Center, 90% of our exposure to those chemicals comes from receipts.

So what should you do? Try NOT to handle receipts, but if you do, wash your hands before you eat.  And if you work in a store where you're touching receipts all day long, think about wearing gloves.