Let's face it: We're not living in a perfect world these days and Bay State residents can reaffirm that being a Massachusetts resident has it's ups and downs in more ways than one. We compiled the top 5 reasons as to what irks those from the beautiful Berkshires to the capital city of Boston:

Bad Driving Behavior: Cities with the Rudest Drivers

1) DRIVING HABITS: there is no doubt this is the top problem throughout our state. The term M***hole is derived from people who just refuse to follow the basic rules of the road. In the Berkshires, local traffic poses a problem due to the overwhelming amount of visitors who flock to our area. But when you head east, Bay State highways cold provide Excedrin headache # 10 as Massachusetts has three of the worst highway bottlenecks in the country including Interstates 90, 93 and 495. Accidents are plentiful which gives us the honor of being the nationwide leader in motor vehicle insurance claims.


2) SUICIDE RATE: Sadly, it's a statistic that we really do not want to address, but next to New York, Massachusetts is runner-up in this disturbing trend as people face the prospect of taking their own lives. Take a minute and think about how you can remedy this problem. All you need to do is pick up the phone, call the suicide hotline, seek counseling or talk to a friend or relative who will listen.

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3) HAPPY HOUR: Yes, we have been deemed as the first state in the station to eliminate the option of having an early libation. The rule was implemented to curb drunken driving which continues to be a problem statewide, but could they consider the option of maybe a 2 drink limit that could help curb the problem. It's a possibility as we will keep you posted on the latest developments.

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4) JOB GROWTH: Another grim statistic: The Working Poor Families Project reports Massachusetts has one of the highest concentrations of poor working women in the nation. More information on this report The report also shows that nearly half of the state’s low-income households are headed by single mothers struggling in low-wage jobs. Boston NEEDS to take further steps in assisting low income and working families as this will lead to economic development.


Rosewood Retirement & Assisted Living Community[/caption]5) RETIREMENT: A recent article published in Forbes magazine shows Massachusetts as the 5th worst state in the nation for retirement. No wonder our senior citizens are packing their bags and moving to greener pastures. This has a negative effect on the population growth as census figures show dramatic decreases every decade.

BOTTOM LINE: There is room for improvement in turning things around. Let's get busy!

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