Attention Bay State residents: Are you looking for a unique and historic road trip? We have the answer as this Empire State hamlet is located west of us and is situated on routes 5 and 20 between Syracuse and Rochester.


(Welcome sign to Bedford Falls aka Seneca Falls courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Trust me, it's worth your time to visit Seneca Falls (aka Bedford Falls) as this incorporated village is a step away from Geneva, New York and harbors a year long population of just under 7,000 residents. It is also known as "the gateway" to New York's Finger Lakes.


(Photo image of Women's Rights Museum exterior courtesy of Sarah Shay)

Your stay will be filled with history as this locale was home base for the first Women's Rights Convention that took place in 1848.


(Photo image of Women's Rights Museum Statues (Museum Interior) in Seneca Falls, NY courtesy of Lisa Latham)

A museum commemorating this milestone will take you step-by-step in the area that was designated as the birthplace for women's rights. You can also stroll at the property's historic park as you will feel the plight of those seeking equality during the turbulent 19th century.

attachment-It's A Wonderful Life

("It's A Wonderful Life" movie lobby card featuring the Bailey family courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

If you are a fan of the Frank Capra holiday classic "It's A Wonderful Life", a mandatory stop to the museum features timeless memorabilia from the beloved film that still resonates with audiences to this day.


(Photo image of movie theater exterior in Seneca Falls, NY courtesy of Keith Burkert)

The iconic building has been a village staple since 1913. It is located on Fall Street as the edifice served as the area's first movie theater. George Bailey Lane on Bridge Street is named for the character made famous by James Stewart. The movie took place in Bedford Falls which in reality is Seneca Falls hence the parallel that is shared in the realm of cinema.

attachment-Cayuga Lake

(Photo image of Cayuga Lake courtesy of Discover Seneca)

For those who are water enthusiasts, explore the beauty of Cayuga Lake where the scenery is breath taking in nature. Pristine waters make this part of your journey enhancing in nature, especially when warmer weather sets in. The body of water is best known for those who enjoy kayaking on a summer day. There are also designated areas for swimming in this vicinity.

BOTTOM LINE: Head out west for the experience of a lifetime. it is well worth the trip!

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