Superstar actor and Massachusetts native Ben Affleck is well known for loving his local Dunkin' establishments. But today, he was doing his part serving the good people of the Commonwealth at a Dunkin'. You read that right. Ben Affleck was serving customers at Dunkin' in Massachusetts.

Affleck was seen working the drive-thru at the Dunkin' on Tuesday (January 10th). According to NBC10Boston, a woman, Lisa Mackay, who photographed the actor working at the Dunkin', said Affleck was, "incredibly funny and quick-witted."

It seemed that the Oscar-winning star was at the Dunkin' in Medford to film a commercial. Of course, Affleck is now married to another A-list superstar, Jennifer Lopez. Sources also speculated his spouse may have been in the area to potentially join in the upcoming promo.

TMZ even caught video of JLo going through the drive-thru as Affleck served her. The video has also made its way to Twitter.

Perhaps this will be used in a new Super Bowl ad? It certainly is that time of year for that. While there is no confirmation of that sort of thing, the power couple seemed to be all smiles as they have been married now for about five months.

GC Images
GC Images

It has seemed only a matter of time that we would see the 'Good Will Hunting' and 'Argo' actor in an ad like this for Dunkin'. He is known to be a loyal customer of the franchise. Back in 2016, his brother, Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck who is also a fan of the franchise, performed on a beloved skit on 'SNL'.

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