If you are someone who is not a meteorologist, it can be tough to know what to expect exactly from any winter storm. Especially when the one that is expected to hit you is being talked about as 'feet' of snow instead of just 'inches' when it comes to accumulation. While the snow storm is still currently pelting Berkshire County with lots of the white stuff, there's a chance you might have just stayed indoors and didn't do any traveling. Luckily, there is something called the Internet where we can get plenty of that footage.

The snow storm hit Berkshires quite hard once the rain on Monday evening (March 13th) turned to snow. One Twitter user in particular caught some great video that shows almost a chronological order of what the storm has been doing throughout its time in the Berkshires. Mark Sudduth is a Geographer with Fox Weather. He also does work with hurricanetrack.com. He posted a few tweets, which showed some great video of the storm throughout its duration from Monday into Tuesday.

That showed how it was coming down on Monday night. It gets crazier as the hours go by and the snow starts to accumulate.


What might be even that much more amazing is seeing no one on the Massachusetts Turnpike in this tweet...

In case you haven't been able to get outside and see the result of what has been happening with this snow as it has fiercely come through the Berkshires, this gives you some sort of idea of what you may have dealt with.

The storm is said to be continuing on into early Wednesday morning (March 15th). In the meantime, please be careful, should you have to be out on the roads at all. Please try to stay warm and stay safe, Berkshires!

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