How does a home that is dilapidated and that has also been described as 'a candidate for demolition or renovation' in Massachusetts being sold for over a million dollars. Not just a million, but more than double that at $2.3 million. Sounds pretty absurd, right? Even when you see it, it's tough to believe. So, how?

The windows have been boarded up. There's a tarp on the roof. It has even been called 'creepy' and 'scary' by local neighbors. There is no way this house could sell for $2.3 million! Or, could it?

Apparently, location really is everything! According to WCVB, this house that was built in 1854. It has six bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a basement that remains unfinished. But the Massachusetts home also rests less than a mile from Harvard Yard, as well as roughly the same distance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From Central Square, it sits only a few hundred feet away.

It was lived in just a few years ago by a man in his 80s, however, he has since passed away. But the look of the place isn't deterring anyone from wanting the spot. Senne Real Estate mentioned that the phones were basically ringing off the hook the second the house went on the market.

WCVB mentioned that a developer is looking to tear what remains of the structure down and potentially build multi-family housing where the lot is. This home would be a good example of making sure you know the value of your location if your looking to put a home on the market.

So let's see this dilapidated home that is selling for $2.3 million:

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