There are two types of people in the world, "Back To The Future" obsessives and those who have never seen the trilogy. I was first mesmerized by this movie as a young kid and then quickly the entire trilogy soon there after.

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There is not much to not love about this trilogy. The concept, the cast, the dialogue, it's all wonderful. Fans can argue whether the first is better than the following two, but in reality all three are wildly entertaining.

Trilogy star and 83 year-old Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), was seen in Lenox, MA over the summer time as he does spends some time with Jacob's Pillow.

This 'Back To The Future' Star Lives In Massachusetts

I would be willing to bet that most fans of the Back To The Future trilogy find Back To The Future III their least favorite of the three, nonetheless, the 1990 movie was a hit.

Doc Brown's love interest in the film, Clara, was played by Mary Steenburgen who happens own a home in Massachusetts. I was unaware!

On October 7, 1995, Steenburgen married actor Ted Danson, whom she met while co-starring with him in the film Pontiac Moon.

Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson own a home in Chilmark, MA.

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