The cold and snowy season is upon us and although we here in Massachusetts won't see the heart of winter for another month or so, skiing is on the brain. We can either embrace winter and enjoy it, or hibernate until spring's thaw.

Skiing, no matter what level your at, is a fun and healthy activity to do in the winter.

Berkshire County, due to it's geographical location, is home to many ski resorts thanks to its mountainous terrain.

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This Berkshire Ski Resort Is Massachusetts' Highest


Jiminy Peak in Hancock!

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort is the largest ski and snowboard resort in southern New England, summer home to Mountain Adventure Park and the only mountain resort in North America to generate its own energy using alternative wind power.

Jiminy features extensive conference and wedding facilities for groups up to 400 people. Since opening in 1948 Jiminy Peak has evolved to become a 4 season resort, offering something for everyone.

Its highest point being 724 m (2375 feet), Jiminy Peak is Massachusetts' highest (tallest) ski resort. Boasting 45 trails and 7 chairs, the Hancock resort attracts thousands every winter.

The Berkshires, naturally, is home to others on that list as well.

Bousquet (566 m).

Butternut (540 m).

Otis Ridge (480 m).

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I haven't stepped into a pair of skiis since probably 1996, however, I am absolutely looking forward hitting the slopes this year, as well as, getting my two children lessons.

Embrace or hibernate! The cold and snow are coming!

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