This Mexican restaurant in the Berkshires just cleared a big hurdle in its reopening stages. We know there is a change in management coming to Tito's Mexican Bar & Grill when it eventually reopens. We also now have a few more hints on the reopening. The restaurant in downtown Pittsfield has been closed for a while, but will be soon opening back up with a newly approved liquor license.

According to, the licensing board has approved the new liquor license for Tito's Mexican Bar & Grill that will transfer from Eleventh Pin Restaurant in what used to be Ken's Bowl. Board member, Kathy Amuso, expressed how happy she is that Tito's Mexican Bar & Grill will be back in the community.

The new owner is Miguel Gomez. He is the same owner of La Fogota just off Tyler Street in Pittsfield. Gomez also received praise for his reputable business throughout the community from Chairman Thomas Campoli. Miguel's son, Daniel Gomez, will be the manager at Tito's upon reopening.

Tito's Mexican Bar & Grill has also announced that they will be open six days a week, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Their only day closed during the week will be Tuesdays. The newly approved liquor license allows them to serve until midnight, so there are plans to stay open later beyond 9 p.m. on some weeknights.

Earlier this month, the Mexican restaurant gave this update on their reopening plans:

They have also recently came up with a brand new logo:


We're now that much closer to the opening of Tito's Mexican Bar & Grill. We're all hoping sooner than later, but either way, it seems like it's only a matter of time before 34 Depot Street in Pittsfield is regular go-to spot for customers in the Berkshires.

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