The state of Massachusetts was greeted with some good news recently regarding the Shake Shack franchise. There are now 13 Shake Shack locations within the Bay State! However, none of them are on the western side of the state! That also means that the Berkshires has absolutely zero Shake Shacks!

The 13th location of the burger franchise has opened up in the Prudential Center in Boston, MA. Shake Shack is very popular in the eastern side of the state. Perhaps since there are none of these on this side of Massachusetts, there's a good chance that you might not know what you are missing.

As someone who has been privileged enough to live in parts of the country where there are Shake Shacks, I can tell you that it definitely ranks right up there with other great franchise burger joints throughout the country. If you've been lucky enough to have it, you know what I mean.

On the west coast, there is a spot known as 'In N Out Burger', and if you're ever around someone from the west and the topic comes up, all they will talk about is how it is the best burger anywhere! That is not true. In my opinion, it's overrated and not nearly as good as the one at Shake Shack.

Oh yeah, and not only does Shake Shack have some awesome burgers, but their fries are pretty amazing as well! Make them even better by getting them with cheese and bacon. And of course, their shakes are great! They are even in the name of the place! So, they have to be great!

Sure, this sounds like it might as well be a Yelp review, but it more of a plea to bring a Shake Shack to the Berkshires. Yes, there are some spots around here that have some pretty good burgers, but why not be greedy and have one more amazing spot here?

Therefore, Shake Shack, if you happen to open up a 13th Massachusetts location, hopefully sooner than later, please make it happen in the Berkshires! We would love if you could make that happen!

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