No matter where it is in Massachusetts or what time of year it is, we all like to indulge in our favorite comfort foods. And with the 4th of July weekend approaching, perhaps people are looking to fire up the grill. Then again, maybe you can stick with some good fried stuff. Like, some really good fried chicken. That segues perfectly into the fact that recently, there has been a Massachusetts restaurant that is now known for serving the absolute best fried chicken in the state.

The publication, 'Love Food' just released a list of the Every State's Best Fried Chicken Joint. The research was compiled by extrapolating user reviews, as well as awards and accolades earned by each joint. As it turns out, if you're looking the best fried chicken in all of Massachusetts, you may just have to venture out to a suburb of Boston.

Where can you find the best fried chicken in Massachusetts?

Just to the northwest of Boston, is the city of Cambridge. That is the city where you will find a spot that has now been named for having the best fried chicken joint in Massachusetts. That joint is called The Coast Cafe.

Here's what 'Love Food' had to say about The Coast Cafe having the best fried chicken in Massachusetts:

The Coast Cafe was opened in 1997 by Tony Brooks and his sister Julie, with the slogan 'food from the soul.' The business is committed to serving the best fried chicken and mac 'n' cheese in New England and, based on the rave reviews from customers, it's definitely succeeding. The fried chicken is obviously the star here, but you won't go wrong by pairing it with candied yams and finishing your meal with sweet potato pie.

While their fried chicken looks absolute incredible, they also serve up plenty of other dishes that look amazing:

You can check out the full menu at The Coast Cafe by clicking the link here.

That's one more spot to make your way to the next time you make a road trip to the eastern side of the Bay State. After all, they do have the best fried chicken in the state of Massachusetts!

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