There are plenty of ways to get around the Berkshires and more specifically, Pittsfield. You can drive, go biking, take a scooter, walk around downtown, or even jog over to most places. But there is a mode of transportation out there that has shown up in Pittsfield area and it might just be the unique way to get around that we've seen. And thanks to TikTok, it's definitely making its way around the internet.

Despite the fact that gas prices have recently been on their way back down, there are still plenty of ways to save yourself from having to splurge at the gas pump. One person has found a way to do so on a unique

I mean, it has pedals, but also has three wheels, and what looks like a carriage that they are rocking atop this particular mode of transportation. It's showed up in a couple different TikTok videos in and around Pittsfield and all I can think is, "I want one of those things!" Check it out!

Is anyone else jealous?

This person is rolling around Pittsfield in style! They're not having to pay gas. When it gets cold, there's some insulated covering. Sure, you have to pedal, but it does the same as a normal bike, but with shelter. Who wouldn't want that?

Regardless of how you're getting around town in Pittsfield, when it comes to being able to rock the most unique form of transportation in the city, it looks like this particular mode of transportation has all others beat!

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