During the Fall, in Western Massachusetts, you can expect to see a lot of different things. However, there is one thing that no one would expect to see anywhere. That would be a gigantic 3,000 pound ox that resides in the western part of the Bay State.

This particular ox makes normal sized human beings look very tiny when next to them. The Massachusetts ox is named Tommy, as he is named after a certain quarterback who has won six Super Bowls for the New England Patriots (Tom Brady). Laurie C (dairygoatmother) posted a video on TikTok with Tommy and her Dad, who happens to be Tommy's 'best friend'.

That video now has over 1.3 million likes and more than 12,000 comments. All of that is thanks to the enormous size of this ox. While I am definitely no ox expert, for reference, if you were to Google, "how big is an ox", the first response that shows up mentions oxen that are usually 900 pounds or less. While there are definitely different weights and sizes depending on what type of ox it is, this one is more than three times that.

Just in case you've never seen a 3,000 pound ox, and chances are you haven't, then today you can cross that off your bucket list. So, let's meet Tommy:

The majority of the comments in response to the video are in awe of the size of Tommy. It appears he definitely loves his scratches, but likes apples too. The video was taken back in September but is getting plenty of buzz in the news these days.

I guess it's like they say in western Massachusetts in the Fall. 'Come for the foliage, stay for the...3,000 ox.'. That's not a saying, but it can apply here at least for Tommy.

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