Massachusetts is home to plenty of attractions throughout the state. If you're planning a vacation, you certainly want to visit all the top spots that can make for the perfect trip. But what if one of those spots that has, no doubt, been hyped up as something glamourous, but then turned out to be very disappointing? Like, perhaps a tourist trap? It seems that Massachusetts is home to one of the most overrated tourist traps, not just in the U.S., but in the world.

'USA Today' recently released their list of the Top 100 Biggest Tourist Traps Worldwide. By sifting through 23.2 million Google reviews of the top 500 tourist attractions in the world, 'USA Today' was about to compile their top 100 list. Sure enough, the Bay State has one of the world's most overrated tourist traps sitting at #2 on the list. The second biggest tourist trap is the world is the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, MA.

Of course, the Salem Witch Museum is a tourist spot that is there due to the Salem Witch Trials, which took place in colonial Massachusetts in 1692. For practicing witchcraft, also known as the devil's magic, more than 200 people were accused of practicing such and 20 people were executed.

It seems odd that an amazing spot with so much to offer in terms of fascinating historical elements and knowledge wouldn't be anywhere near a list that seeks out the biggest tourist traps in the world, but here we are. We think maybe 'USA Today' didn't quite get the research right when it comes to this one.

As for the biggest tourist trap in the world, that goes to the Four Corners Monument which connects the four corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

So, before your next vacation, perhaps you want to see what people are saying about these attractions. Or, maybe they're just tourist traps...Or, maybe people have nothing better to do than to go on the internet and write negative reviews just because they can. Who knows? Enjoy your vacations, everyone!

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