I don't think I've ever understood all the hype around Wordle. The word game that quickly swept the nation since its inception has people addicted! It turns out that a city in Massachusetts is really good at Wordle! They're so good that they are ranked among the top five cities in the nation at the game! How does that even happen? So, what makes them so good?

First off, let me just explain how baffled I am by this game. Maybe I just don't like it for the principle. I can't even look at a friends social media page anymore without seeing what their score on Wordle was...for about the last 10 times they played...in the past 12 hours. I don't get it, and I refuse to give into the hype, so out of spite, I'm not a fan. But to each their own.

Earlier this year, a study was released that showed how New England states were especially good at Wordle. The study would also reveal that those states, which of course, include Massachusetts, may in fact be cheating by looking up the answers on Google. How shameful. Maybe that's how we ended up having a city in the Bay State that is the 5th best city in the nation at Wordle.

In Pictures via Getty Images
In Pictures via Getty Images

The city of Malden, MA is the city that has made the top five in the nation with just 3.62 guesses per Wordle puzzle. I guess that's good? Like I said, I don't care for it and therefore, do not play. But common sense would say that the less guesses, the better for any guessing game. Apparently, St. Paul, MN had the best score with 3.51. They are the 'Kings of Wordle'! Is that a thing? Probably not, but it sounded right.

In the meantime, it's pretty awesome that we have a city in Massachusetts that so good at cheating, I mean, at guessing on Wordle. Even if I'm not a Wordle guy, we'll take the local love. Congrats, Malden! Just make sure Google hasn't crashed and you're golden!

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