If someone were to ask you what the weirdest dish is in your home state, regardless of whether it's Massachusetts or not, what would you think it would be? Like, if there was one dish that is so abnormal that you might never think any place would serve it, but yet, your state does, what would it be? Massachusetts has a dish being served that is being called the weirdest dish in the entire state and it's pretty uniquely different from every other dish that exists elsewhere.

The popular food publication 'Love Food' recently posted Every State's Weirdest Dish That No One UnderstandsWhile we can be pretty unique here on our own in Massachusetts, this particular dish seems as if it's almost too weird, even for us.

In fact, this dish comes in the form of a sandwich, but the main part of the sandwich isn't something you would expect to be on any sandwich

What is This Sandwich That is Also the Weirdest Dish Being Served in Massachusetts?

This unique sandwich is a Chow Mein Sandwich. And it's exactly what it sounds like. Some form of bread and/or bun that surrounds chow mein noodles...What? I didn't even realize such a thing existed anywhere. But honestly, it sounds like it might be pretty amazing!

Here's what 'Love Food' had to say about the weirdest dish served in Massachusetts, the Chow Mein Sandwich:

A New England favorite that first hit Massachusetts’ foodie scene back in the mid-20th century, the chow mein sandwich is still one of the most satisfying fusion foods in the state. The recipe, created by Fall River resident Frederick Wong in the 1920s, goes a little like this: combine deep-fried noodles with pork, beansprouts, onions, and celery, drench in brown gravy, then stuff between two halves of a hamburger bun. You can order it ‘strained’ – without vegetables – or ‘unstrained,’ in its full, vegetable-packed, crunchy glory.

Is it just me, or does it sound and look kind of amazing?

It's seems to be a popular dish served mainly in southeastern Massachusetts. If that's the case, I am definitely down for a road trip there. Especially if it leads to Mee Sum Restaurant in Fall River, where it's extremely popular!

As someone who has lived in Massachusetts for a little under two years, I had no idea a Chow Mein Sandwich was such a thing. However, I find myself instantly craving one. If you are too, maybe you will find yourself seeking out the weirdest dish being served in Massachusetts as well.

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