There's are tons of great restaurants and eateries throughout Massachusetts! Sometimes it can be tough to decide what type of dish you might be craving with so many great local spots. But if you happen to be craving some good Chinese food, we now know where you can find the best Chinese restaurant in the entire state.

Recently, the popular food publication 'Love Food' listed their picks for the best Chinese restaurants in every state in the U.S. One particular spot in Massachusetts stole the show thanks to their unique menu when it comes to Chinese restaurants.

If you happen to venture to the eastern side of the state, and find yourself in Cambridge, perhaps a must-try spot for Chinese food is at place that specializes in their dumplings, which is aptly called Dumpling House.

Here's what 'Love Food' had to say about Dumpling House in Cambridge being chosen as their pick for the best Chinese restaurant in Massachusetts:

Cambridge’s Dumpling House offers a varied range of fragrant and delicious Chinese dishes, including favorites like sesame chicken, braised eggplant, and noodle soup. But it's the dumplings that are the real star of the show here, with customers especially fond of the pork soup dumplings.

Of course, as they mention, they happen to have much more than just their featured dumplings on their menu. Let's have a look at what else Dumpling House in Cambridge has to offer.

This looks like we all need to take a trip over to Cambridge yesterday, specifically at 950 Massachusetts Ave. You can check out their full menu at the link provided here.

So, if you're looking for some incredible dumplings or any kind of Chinese food for that matter, perhaps head over to Cambridge at Dumpling House since they are the best Chinese restaurant in the state! Enjoy, Massachusetts!

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