Marjo and I don't hang out a ton outside of work, but we do hang occasionally. The Hot Dog Ranch in Pittsfield is usually where we meet up about once a month for some food, drinks and Keno!

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When joined by our friend and co-worker, Dave Isby of WSBS fame, it's sure to be a blast. So, we meet up at the "ranch" on Friday, Marjo's already got her Keno on, feeling like I'm late to the party, I grab my slip.

Before I continue with the story, lest we forget that the owner of The Hot Dog Ranch, Craig Benoit just won big with his horse in Saratoga a few weeks ago... Well, his other horse just WON EVEN BIGGER in Kentucky on Wednesday! Story to come in a few days...

Most people who often win the lottery, be it a small jackpot or big, PLAY a lot. With that said, if you're just an occasional player, you know how hard it is to win.

Betting a buck on Keno when playing 4 numbers will net you $100, play 5 numbers and you win $450. So, $450 is nothing to bat an eye at, that's a good chunk of change!

Before Friday's fun afternoon out, neither Marjo nor I, have EVER hit for $450, EVER.

Well, there is just something about The Hot Dog Ranch right now, I suppose, because Marjo hit for a GRAND! (played the same 5 numbers on two different tickets, genius, tax avoiding method, by the way),



I hit for $450!, and another $52 on another game... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT?!?!

Get to the Hot Dog Ranch in Pittsfield immediately, folks.

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