We all know that Massachusetts has a very rich and unique history when it comes to some haunting and frightening stories. What you may not realize is that one of those spots with quite the unique history has its own creepy and terrifying backstory as well.

Everyone knows that Salem is a top spot to visit for some haunted history. You may even think that Lizzie Borden in Fall River would be the Massachusetts spot to get the best frights. But there's something chilling about this spot in the Berkshires. Not only because of what happened there, but also because of what it is.

Can anyone explain why dark tunnels are so scary?

The Hoosac Tunnel helped North Adams make an appearance on 'Only In Your State's list of 'Halloween Towns in Massachusetts That Will Terrify and Delight You In the Best Way Possible'. On the list, it showed up right behind Salem and here is what 'Only In Your State' had to say about the creepy structure helping North Adams to snag its spot on the list:

As home to the allegedly haunted Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams can certainly be a creepy place to visit in October. Construction of the 4.75-mile-long tunnel was completed in 1875 and, at the time, it was the second longest in the world. However, during construction, numerous workers died and the tunnel was given the gruesome nickname, "Bloody Pit."

This seems like it would be a creepy spot to visit any time of the year.


During construction, it has been said that black powder assisted in causing an explosion that killed nearly 200 men. Within the tunnel, there's also a chimney that goes down nearly 1,000 feet below the tunnel. It was made to give the tunnel an exit for some exhaust to pass through. However, according to 'Only In Your State', an explosion in the Central Shaft ignited and killed men while also destroying pumps that prevented flooding.

So, there it is! The Hoosac Tunnel in North Adams, has quite the unique and terrifying backstory. Rumors say that it's haunted, but I guess you would only know for sure if you wanted to test that theory. Of course, if you do, be careful! Not just because of the haunted spirits, but it is still active and it's also the longest active tunnel east of the Rocky Mountains.

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