As Thanksgiving is just about upon us, we are starting to see a little bit cooler temperatures little by little as winter approaches ever so subtly. For those that have lived in the Bay State for any sort of extended period of time, you have a general idea of what to expect on a month-to-month basis from the weather and traditional climate. But someone took it upon themselves to make a TikTok of a spot-on description of what to expect from the year round forecast in Massachusetts.

As we're starting to wake up to mornings where the air seems just a bit colder each day with December creeping in, we know it is the start of what could be some really cold days for the next three or four months. But what about all the rest of the year? This video pretty much sums it up...

I mean, she's not wrong. @kaylamichellefisher on TikTok put the monthly forecast of Massachusetts into perfect perspective. She summed up the weather in the Bay State year round in a total of about 19 seconds.

As the forecast throughout your Thanksgiving week calls for high temperatures in the low to mid 40s, we're on the cusp of entering in the month where it will once again feel like, "I hate it here." You have to love that New England winter month climate, right?

If nothing else, one great thing about living in Massachusetts is the fact that over the course of the year, one way or another, you are definitely going to experience all four seasons. Get ready, Massachusetts, because (not to sound all 'Game Of Thrones', but) Winter is coming!

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