As the country prepares to honor all veterans tomorrow we should take time out today and recognize any family member, friend, or coworker that served this country as a Marine.  Today is the 246 Birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps.  It was on November 10th of 1775 when the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution that gave birth to the branch of service known as the U.S. Marine Corps.

Posted to the official Marines website are these words... "U.S. Marines around the globe celebrate a 246-year legacy defined by courage, discipline, loyalty, leadership, and warfighting innovation".

Happy Birthday, USMC!

As we celebrate the Marine Corps birthday today we prepare to honor all men and women that served or currently serving in a branch of the U.S. military tomorrow on Veterans Day.  Pittsfield and North Adams will honor veterans with the return of the Veterans Day Parades and ceremonies.

In Pittsfield, the parade will begin at 10 am followed by a ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park according to a press release from John Herrera, Director of the Veterans’ Services Department.  The parade will depart from City Hall and proceed to North Street ending at Veterans Memorial Park on South Street.

The master of ceremonies at Veterans Memorial Park will be Fran Tremblay, former Marine and current Commander of Vietnam Veterans Association, Chapter 65.  The guest speaker this year is Veteran of the Year and U.S. Air Force Veteran Robert “Bobby” Dassat.

Organizers would like everyone participating in the parade to be in place to begin lining up for the event on Fenn, Pearl, and Allen Streets between 9:30 and 9:45 Thursday morning.

In North Adams the Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony will be held on Thursday with the parade beginning at the American Legion Home at 10:40 and traveling north on American Legion Drive to Main Street, then to Eagle Street ending at the Veterans Memorial where the ceremony will commence. The master of ceremonies is Wayne Soares and the keynote speaker will be Chief Warrant Officer John Crosier.

The organizers are asking all parade participants to be at the American Legion parking lot by 10:00 am.  All veterans are also invited to participate in the event.  You do not have to currently be a member of any organization to take part.

All of us at WUPE, WBEC, LIVE 95.9, WSBS, and WNAW would like to thank all members of the military past and present for your dedicated service and sacrifice to our country.

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