As a kid growing up in the 60’s I remember my brother, twin sister, and me all going to bed early on Christmas Eve.  We felt the earlier we went to bed the sooner Christmas morning would come.  Of course, we left plenty of cookies for the jolly one and lots of treats for Rudolf and the gang.  We always did have trouble getting to sleep whispering to each other wondering if every little noise we heard was Santa.

These days kids don’t need to wonder where Santa is any more thanks to the sophisticated GPS system tracked by NORAD…the North American Aerospace Defense Command.  NORAD has been tracking Santa since the ’50s but technology has allowed NORAD to share Saint Nick’s location online for all good girls and boys to see on the special NORAD Tracking Santa website.

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The site features an official Santa Tracker Countdown clock that is currently counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the big day.  The site also has plenty to do including a music stage playing Christmas favorites, an arcade where you can play a different game each day, a library where you can learn all about the magic sleigh and holiday traditions.  There’s even a theater showing movies about Santa as well as NORAD. You can visit NORAD’s Headquarters from the site and be sure to visit the gift shop sometime before Christmas.

In addition to the NORAD Tracks Santa website, you can also download Apps to track the big guy from the App Store and Google Play.  The actual tracker will not be activated until the day before Christmas, at which time you will be able to track Santa’s whereabouts all over the world.

So as the big day approaches click on this link to the NORAD Tracks Santa website and get ready to watch the miracle that is Santa Clause and his faithful reindeer on their once-a-year voyage around the world as he makes his way to the Berkshires.

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