As mentioned in previous articles, I have been finding many videos and photos of wildlife in Berkshire County backyards over the past couple of months. Many bear related videos have been shared by Berkshire County folks on Facebook pages and in local Facebook groups.  One animal we don't see much of on video is the bobcat. They are difficult to come by especially during daytime hours.

This past Monday evening, my wife yelled to me from the kitchen to come look at this bobcat standing in our backyard in Pittsfield. By the time I made it to the kitchen, the bobcat was standing as still as a statue in my neighbor's yard. By the way, this is in the Yankee Orchards neighborhood. I thought and acted fast and grabbed my iPad and immediately started filming the bobcat from my deck into my neighbor's yard.

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As I previously mentioned, the bobcat was standing as still as a statue. I was wondering what he was waiting for. Then on the turn of a dime, he took off like a shotgun. I thought that this was the end of seeing him and my filming of this animal was over. I was 100% wrong. The next thing I knew, the bobcat is marching back into view with a live woodchuck hanging from his mouth. I captured this site in the second video below.

You'll need to watch the two videos in order. They're less than thirty seconds each and together they tell the entire story. Check them out now.

What types of Berkshire wildlife have you captured on video?

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