It's not exactly 'JAWS', but over this past Veterans Day weekend, a shark was spotted and caught on camera in a Massachusetts lagoon as it went for a swim near the shore.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that 'JAWS' was filmed in Martha's Vineyard (despite taking place in a fictional town known as Amity Island in New York). But over the weekend, there happened to be shark seen swimming in a lagoon, also known as the Vineyard Haven Harbor waters.

A woman, who had been walking her dog nearby, initially thought the shark was a dolphin, as she began filming the fish making the rounds in the shallow lagoon.

The woman who took the video is Amanda "Scotty" Borland. She told the Vineyard Gazette how shocked she was when she realized the fish was a shark:

And then, all of a sudden, it whipped back around and this guy was driving over the bridge and he said, ‘I saw the shark coming for you.’ It happened so fast. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It came right up on the shoreline.

Borland mentioned that for her and her dog, Hamish, it felt as if the shark was so close, it seemed like it was a foot away at one point.

According to the 'Martha's Vineyard Times', a state shark biologist by the name of Greg Skomal said that after reviewing the video, he is certain the shark is a porbeagle. The porbeagle shark will rarely attack humans and is linked to the related to the much-feared shortfin mako and white shark. The Vineyard Gazette also notes that the shark was somewhere between eight and 10 feet long.

Maybe it's a good thing the colder months are upon us now so that it will be a little while before anyone is thinking it's safe to go back in the water. If you're out and about near any sort of lagoon in Massachusetts, watch out for sharks!

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