We have spent a great deal of time on some funny, crazy, and head-scratching Massachusetts laws that are still on the books in the Bay State. Just to refresh your memory, some of the crazy laws we have covered in the past are listed below.

Have You Heard About the Massachusetts Peanut Law? 

Another weird Massachusetts law that I have come across includes peanuts. Apparently, at one time it was illegal to eat peanuts while in church (particularly in Boston), and if you were caught doing so you could be jailed for up to one year. This law is actually still on the books though I highly doubt it is enforced. In my opinion, I feel the punishment is a bit harsh but I do kind of agree with the law to an extent. While I don't necessarily think it should be a full-blown law, I do think it should be a rule for people to refrain from eating while church is in session unless they need to take medication or for another important reason.

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Think about it, church and prayer, etc. are taking place and someone is munching on a bunch of peanuts or a bag of popcorn or whatever that person fancies, to me that is a bit disrupting and disrespectful to fellow churchgoers, and to the pastor. Eating food of any kind (not just peanuts) should be saved before and/or after church.

What do you think? Is it okay to eat while in church or should it be saved for non-church activities? Again, it is weird that this was/is an actual law but it should at least be a rule unless there is a very legitimate reason to be eating while church is in session.

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